IGR Urban


About Us

IGR URBAN Pest and Rodent Control Service which was founded by Uğur Gür began service in the spraying sector in January 1997.

 IGR URBAN’s success at this short period, philosophy of institution and working principles has played a significant role. Most importantly, all of the IGR URBAN employees are dedicated to the principles customer satisfaction and high dynamics quality system at all times. Every Igr Urban employee is aware of being member of a respect brand and has responsibility of power and values at every step.   Igr Urban employee is always focused on understanding customer and moving in a parallel with their requirements. Igr Urban replay all demands come from customers in a promised time and quality .Igr Urban knows very well meaning of being a real solution partner .Igr Urban’s brilliant history shows  employees ’quality, ability and skills about promise and achieve.

IGR URBAN Pest and Rodent Control Services

Purpose: Our aim is improving the quality of publish health and  fixing  unhealthy conditions caused by like insect and rodent, producing effective solution with a consciously approach to the environment and following news to present service beyond customer expectations. 

Vision: It continues to be leading organization with focus customer, entrepreneurship, researcher, productivity, reliability, and has a team spirit quality organizational structure.

Mission: It provides insect control  long duration and low-cost by educated for every stage biocidal certificated technicians , low poisoned and  long-time effective  products, procedures based on pests biology, and create integrated pest control programs included using effective equipment. It is not easy   getting rid of mice which is seen frequency at living areas. Rodent control should implement to prevent harms. It is immediately necessary to contact a centre of rodent spraying firm when noticed a rout. It is possible to get rid of problems every places where you have mice problems after information and necessary assistance.