IGR Urban

Café-Restaurant Spraying

Cafés, restaurants and eating-houses are major living places for pests. At these places, it is very easy to reproduce and live for pests because of food trash and crumbs. These places must be clean, hygienic and spraying periodically. We are proud of servicing quality and low costly spraying department about insect, rodent and flea as a global spraying firm.

Factory Spraying

Our firm operates standard according to the Ministry of Health, HACCP, TSE, BRC, and AIB. We have been servicing about Public Health of The Ministry of Health Primary Health Services, according to the regulations about principle and procedures against to pests, with staffs who have certificated applying biociadal product under the responsible manager responsibility.

Hotel Spraying

Hotels where people are live in together are very available living places in terms of insects and rodents .Before spraying  the hotel our staff who are expert about hotels examine and decide it onsite which pesticide and method must be implemented. It is quite difficult to keep hygienic this kind of mass living places constantly. Because more easy to provide food and liquid necessary for insects and rodents. For this reason insects have reproduce quite rapidly.

House Spraying

Houses are the only places we feel comfortable and peaceful. Nobody wants to encounter pest, insect or rodent in these places. However sometimes no matter how we slice it we can come up against these pests in our homes. Most important issue is to be considered choosing firm which you will make pesticide carefully. Although pesticide is chemical, it should be prepared different type and intensity according to any insect species and intensity. For these reasons you should try to test whether they are knowledgeable and experienced at this issue by checking the firm in advance.

Office Spraying

Office and working places are places where we spend large part of our lives. Keeping clean these places provides us being one step ahead at perspective of customers. To keep clean and tidy the office is one of the very important points for all owners of the businesses. The other dangerous point is attacks made by insects and rodents at these places because insects and rodents love this kind of areas especially office supplying. Rodents can make a nest small holes and spaces in an office.