IGR Urban

Control of Insect

Our service involves the walking insect control   like cockroach, ant, millipede, cloth insects and sometimes invaders (scorpion, spider, centipede, earwig, woodlouse etc.). INSECTA as an expertise of insect control gives an offer and advice about any insect problem even out of scope of insect.

Control of Rodent

Rodent control device being chemical and non- chemical are planted designated places after an examination. It is given offered sanitation and isolation. It is made implement of rodenticide rodent nests being outside. At every visit of service determined activities situation is indicated on list of control devices. The control methods are increased if rodent seen or reported.

 Control of Storehouse Pets

 Determined points are set pheromones trap and followed in order to chase. Under the chemical control slit-crack, spot and barrier methods besides ULV (cold fogging) methods are used to make fast elimination under the moth control .It is decided according to the chemical control frequency, species of insect and size of population.

Control of Fly

The best effective method is sanitation and isolation and their implementation is responsibility of the customer. INSECTA  represent in case of suggestion what to do within scope of sanitation and isolation  and scope of non-chemical methods .When  fly population above the limit of tolerance it is made ULV(cold fogging) the scope of chemical control at inside and outside.