IGR Urban

Pest Control

IGR URBAN which has been servicing about pest control years works with plenty of big firm in this sector.IGR URBAN which is known very well thanks to references always protected their prestige and it never made concessions understanding of high quality service. Our firm within the responsibility of pest spraying has done best for the customer’s health, their peace and live at safe and clean places. Unfortunately pests are commonly found our country. It is out of trouble because of professional spraying.

Bug Spraying

 Nowadays, new residential areas land into green by cutting green and bring many problems together. One of these is the settlement and proliferation of insects living in that area by nesting your home. The insecticides you use individually are meant to kill only the bugs you can see. However, if an insect is nested in your home, then the insecticide you use for certain places will be inadequate. In such cases, insect pest control and companies are helping you. Insects that settled in the house usually enter the spawning season in September and October. Insecticide companies consider appropriate to spray when the eggs are cracked. Because cracked eggs are able to gain immunity to insects and don’t passing the poison.

Mice Spraying

Mice are rodents with elastic body structures. Because of this, they can easily reach everywhere they want, even through the narrowest pipelines or even the smallest areas. It is not easy to get rid of   which is often seen in people's living spaces. To prevent damage, mouse spraying should be applied. If the mouse is seen in the house, it should be contacted immediately with the mouse control companies immediately, even if the mouse is encountered. It is possible to get rid of your problems in any area where you have a problem with mouse after information to be received and after necessary help.